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Spend up to $75 and get free shipping! No code needed! US residents only.
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About Us

Hi there! We can not thank you enough for choosing to stop by our shop! I wanted to share a bit about our shop and what we stand for.
We strive everyday to create designs and items that we know fellow mothers will love. Although we are a motherhood and child based shop, I do also make designs that can cater to every woman, even if you aren't a mother! I strive to show people the beauty of motherhood as well as life itself.
Art is a true passion and theme behind this shop. We love to present and share real handmade and unique designs.  I find so much inspiration in everything around me and I try to take my own twist on anything! 

Why The Fox + The Fawn?
Well, truly our name for the shop came from inspiration behind my son and my husband. I had always loved foxes as a kid and my son's theme for his nursery was foxes. So I thought that it was so fitting from such a special time and place in my heart. As for fawn, my husband has always loved the outdoors and woods. He is a very big hunter during the fall and he loves deer. He will often go out into the woods just to watch the deer. Therefore, I thought it was sitting especially with fox. So there you go, then came the name The Fox + The Fawn. It's a reminder for me as to the reasons behind this shop. My family.
Meet The Maker
Hello, my name is Candace Craft. I am the owner and maker behind The Fox + The Fawn. I began this shop as a small dream of mine to connect to other mothers out in the world who enjoy being a mother as much as I do. I absolutely love everything about being a mother to my son. I love watching him grow, seeing him laugh and watching him as he learns new things each and every day. I am from a very small town in Mississippi and I lead a very quiet and easy going lifestyle. I don't really travel as much as I'd like (mainly due to my ridiculous fear of flying) but now that Pacey is here, I want him to see and experience so much! I am planning to travel more at least until he starts school, which knowing myself he will probably end up being home schooled. I want to experience so much of this world with him - along with his daddy! We do plan on having more children on day so I want us to soak up and enjoy Pacey while he is still so small until we have another! 


What made me want to begin my shop?

My calling to begin my shop all began with my son. I mentioned possibly starting my own shop to my husband and he was so supportive and still is to this day! I have always had a love for art. One of my three sister actually went to art school and she showed me how to do the screen printing style that I use. It's such a relaxing and amazing way to express yourself and your imagination! I love that I can show and share my work with others. I look to inspire women the way that so many other mama's out there have inspired me. 

I appreciate any love an support I get from anyone who takes the time out to order from my shop. My shop would not be possible without you guys that support me! I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the love!

xo Candace